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Speakers & Facilitators

Sheretta West

Retreat Host


Morning Welcome and Devotional: Friday @ 9:30am

Follow Jesus example and start your day with God.  Meditating on His Word to inspire your faith and encourage your heart for the day ahead.

Rhonda Dallas


Making Selfcare a Priority: Friday @ 12:30pm

Selfcare is not a selfish act.   Give yourself permission to push reset and move toward a healthier you; mind, body and spirit.

Cassandra Fair

Keeping His Secret – The detriment of ignoring your husbands/pastor’s mental health struggles: Saturday @ 10:30am

Mental health red flags may be subtle or blatantly obvious.  Learn to recognize the signs and a develop a plan of action.

Melenese Ford

Empowerment Session – Pivoting: Turning in a new direction when life shifts: Thursday @ 1:00pm

Covid has affected my career.  What can I do now? What contributions can I bring to the household?  It’s time to take a deep look at your passion, skills and purpose.

Debra Haynes

Boost Your Immune: Friday @ 12:30pm

What actions are you taking to boost your immune system?  Learn applicable steps to help boost your body’s natural defense.  A healthier you is a better you!

Erica Jarvis

Holiday Florals Design: Friday @ 5:00pm

Plan to bring color, aroma and vibrance to your holiday table.  Learn great tips on designing the perfect holiday florals. 

Tabitha Lee

Tab’s Curry Chicken – Cooking Demonstration: Friday @ 5:00pm

Bored with your menus?  This cooking demonstration will help you prepare a quick and tasty meal. 

Jacquie Hood-Martin

When Life Feels Out of Balance: Friday  @ 10:00am

Have you become the maid, teacher, chauffer, short-order cook and more? The stress of managing the household during this Covid Season can be overwhelming.  Feeling unfulfilled and unappreciated is a serious detriment to your overall health.  It’s time to recover your balance.

Mamikie Melane

Devotional Intercessor: Saturday  @ 9:30am


Kim Roxie

Eye See U!: Friday @ 12:30pm

Even behind a mask, your brows frame 75% of your face. It’s time to give your brows, eyes and lashes a beauty lift. 

Shauntae White

The Company of Women: Friday @ 11:00am

Relationships among women can be intimate, rich and rewarding.  However, Pastors wife’s relationships can be a bit reserved.  Learn insight on cultivating authentic friendships.

Cheryl Williamson

The Power of Daily Affirmation: Saturday @ 11:30am

Words matter! What you say to yourself gives life or diminishes your worth.  Reconnect with God and allow him to change your perspective. You are God’s chosen women, made in His image; valuable, esteemed and affirmed.

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